Many times we need to find specific words/values and highlight them with particular color.
This can be done by adding conditional formatting too. But wait !! what if you want to highlight many different values by different colors.

This will require knowledge of conditional formatting & it has to be created multiple times for each use cases.

This tool will help you to highlight the cells which contain the specific word/value/pattern within selection or in current sheet.

CLICK HERE to Install the addon.

How to Open Functionality:

  • First of all open the Google sheet then go to Extension->Sutra Tools->Find & Highlight as shown in below screenshot:
  • It will open dialog box shown in below image.

Use of Functionality:

  • Write value or regular expression which you want to find in selection or in active sheet.
  • You can select color type by which you want to highlight the matching cells.

  • After that it shows 4 checkbox:
  1. Clear Existing Formatting: if select then it clear existing formatting
  2. Ignore Case: if selected then it matches all cases
  3. Match Entire Cell Content: if selected then it matches exact value in entire cell
  4. Match Inside Cell: if selected then it finds value inside cell content
  5. Search by Regex: if selected then it highlights values with matching regular expression
  • After that click on Find button and it will show you how many values have been highlighted in window.

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