If you want to list files from the drive folder with some files attributes like file name/file id/file URL/file size/file last updated/file editor/file owner or many more…

This task could be more time consuming if you happen to manually copy paste the file names and other information.

Sutra Tools will help you to get the files from any drive folder almost instantly with few simple clicks.

CLICK HERE to Install the addon.

How to Open Functionality:

  • First of all open the Google sheet then go to Extension->Sutra Tools->Get Files From Folder like below screenshot:
  • You will see the below dialog box.

Use of Functionality:

  • First of all, You will need to either Enter Folder URL or Select Folder from drive from which you want to list your files. After that Choose Sheet or enter Sheet name in which you want to store files data.
  • You can select all the fields or the fields which you require from the available fields.
  • Hit Submit button and data will be stored in sheet which you selected from the above step.
  • Note : If you enter sheet Name which already exists then all the data will be cleared from the existing sheet and new data will be entered.

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