Google Drive

Google Drive is an immense popular cloud storage service. If you are not using it yet, it’s time to join the bandwagon. Sutra Analytics can help with the confusing Google Drive’s default organizational framework.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a free data storage offered by the search giant Google. It offers 15 gigabytes of storage space where you can store important files, documents, pictures and so on. This storage uses cloud computing technology, which is a good thing because your data is stored on Google servers and accessed anywhere using the smartphone, tablet or computer.
Many new Android smartphones are pre-installed with Google Drive, and you already have it if you used Gmail before.

How Does Google Drive Work?

Sutra Analytics provides services to set up Google Drive for you. It allows you to store media and documents on Google server so that users can free up space on their hard drive and access them from any device with an internet connection.

It needs a Google account to use this service and it’s free of charge. Once you have a Google account you can have access to all of Google’s services like Drive, Gmail, photos, YouTube, etc. You can access the Drive on the web through or the Google app. It can also be accessed by downloading the Drive folder on your PC.

Files Supported By Google Drive

Google Drive can support a ton of file types including .jpeg, .mpeg, .gif, .png,.avi, .mov, and many more.

It also has file size limits in place as follows:

  • Documents – Up to 1.02 million characters or 50 MB of Google Docs
  • Spreadsheets – Up to two million cells
  • Presentations – Up to 100MB of presentations converted to Google Slides
  • All other files – Up to 5TB.

Benefits of Using Google Drive

  • Completely free of use
  • With built-in image recognition technology
  • Open and edit all kinds of document
  • Share your videos and photos with your contacts
  • Optical character recognition technology
  • Access to any files on the go
  • Send large files directly from an email account
  • Better storage alternative

You now have an idea of how useful Google Drive can be. The service offers a lot of features, and best of all it’s free. If you need help with your Google Drive, Sutra Analytics can help. Call them today for more questions about cloud storage services.

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