MS Excel Automation with VBA

At Sutra Analytics, we provide professional Microsoft Excel VBA Help consulting services to businesses. We are expert Microsoft Excel consultants who are here to help at lower costs.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and versatile spreadsheet programs for business and personal use. It offers functionalities and capabilities to organizations with automation, minimal errors, and quick turnarounds at a minimal cost.

Its role is as an essential managerial tool in advanced and simplified analysis, data manipulation and as a result, it contributes to a vital decision-making process. And today, you need Microsoft Excel more than ever because it helps you do more with less time, maximizing your efficiency.

Are You Currently Facing the Following Challenges?

  • You need Microsoft Excel to do a major task for multiple employees
  • You need to automate repetitive jobs that take hours to do
  • You need to convert raw data in a useful Excel format for manipulation and analysis
  • You need to automate the business process with Excel

Sutra Analytics can help with the following services:

  • Extracting data from a database into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Do data analysis using Pivot tables, charts, Toolpak, ActiveX and Conditional Formatting, What-I Analysis, sort and filter, and many more
  • VBA coding, creation of Macros, and customized functions
  • Extraction of raw data, organizing and classifying the data, performing calculations and populating into a final report
  • Extracting and populating data from sub-forms and putting them in the final data entry form
  • Expert use of Excel functions, commands, and techniques to remove the unwanted characters, format dates, and restructure data for efficient analysis
  • Controlling data input in the worksheet using data validation tools and user forms

Expert Microsoft Excel Consultant

At Sutra Analytics, we have seasoned Microsoft Excel consultants who can provide excellent consulting support to businesses. We can do this two ways: remotely and on-site. And the choice will depend on whatever fits your needs and budget.

We can also work on a per-project basis or hourly basis and full time or part-time. Whatever your decision may be, we are here to provide you with the support you need. Pay only when you need us, and you will get huge savings.

Sutra Analytics is the leading consultancy firm offering expert Excel VBA Support and Help services. Call us today.

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