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Sutra Analytics started its business five years ago offering automation services using Google products. These include Microsoft Excel, Data Visualization services, Advanced Data Manipulation & fetching data from third-party sources like API, CRM, and database.
We help our clients with their business needs and unlock productivity and value by providing the tools that would make it possible. Most of them do not realize their potential because they are doing things the old fashioned way. Our productivity tools can make their day to day operations more efficient by automating them with little extra cost.
Our clients are small businesses up to large enterprises with hundreds of employees. To date, we have completed more than 400 projects to over 200 companies. Our wide range of services includes Google products like Calendar, Gmail, Sheet, Docs, among others. We take pride in our friendly service to clients, which is reflective of the reviews we received from them.
We are based in India, but we can remotely serve our clients from anywhere in the world. Sutra Analytics is considered as one of the most trusted business solutions providers today.

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Who we are

Providing Big Data Solutions To Stay Ahead Of The Competition
The right use of data changes everything. Even the biggest brands use data science and data analytics to power their adoption of new technologies. That is what Sutra Analytics can help you with. We help companies with big data tap into unexplored territories and drive new strategies forward


Data sciences

We sift through massive lakes of data to look for patterns and connections to deliver breakthrough insights.


Data analytics

We can help you make sense of it all, derive conclusions out of your data. It means going beyond data management. We collect, analyze and translate data into accessible information for you.


Data engineering

You have the data but so know what to do with it? We can provide you with data workflows, pipelines and processes.


Data visualization

We can make it easier to understand. We provide an accessible way for you to see and understand the patterns, trends, and outliers in your data.

Business and life are about people. Throughout my career, I’ve focused my attention on providing the best service I can to clients and providing opportunities for my Team to grow and develop.

  – Kishan Panchal


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Request For Proposal

    • I’ve been working with Sutra Analytics for the last year. Building a project from scratch is a challenge that needs a professional, reactive and flexible team. That’s exactly what Sutra Analytics provides. If you need a company that will understand your needs, do their best to build your project in a fast and reliable way, you are at the right place. They provide an attention to details that overcome my attempt, there’s always someone to reply, almost instantly, to you, and you can definitely count on them. They put the same effort in any size of project, always happy to discuss with you to find the best way to optimize the project in order to provide you with high quality solutions. Something’s off? Just ask them, and they will fix it as fast as possible. I will definitely recommend Sutra Analytics for any of your projects, looking forward to work more with them in the near future.

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    • What was experience working with Kishan? Let me tell you...It not only exceeded my expectations, I made a friend. Kishan is passionate about his work and has made high level changes to my database and google sheets that I didn't even know were possible. Where many would have made much easier changes, Kishan takes the time to do things based on functionality for the future and then optimizes for best performance. I will never think of looking anywhere else for database, API or Google sheet work. Aside from all this, Kishan is a pleasure to work with and I actually look forward to projects to work with him.

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    • Kishan did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with him. The communication with Kishan was very good and he was always available for questions. We will implement further projects together in the future.

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    • Kishan helped me on a project someone else started but did not finish correctly. Kishan completed the project and exceeded my expectations. I was able to communicate with him often and he responded very promptly. You should hire him, he is a solid seller.

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    • "Kishan has developed a Google Sheets script which emulates an advanced Microsoft Excel function. He did so on time and the result is more than I hoped for. Kishan is an excellent partner to work with and I'm looking forward to more projects in the future!"

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    • "Kishan was a pleasure to work with. He understands instructions quickly and makes sure to ask for clarification on anything that isn't clear. He was always responsive and a quick worker. I already have plans to work with Kishan again."

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    • "Kishan deliverd great work on this development project. He has created a solution which suits my needs perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with Kishan because he communicates clearly, is always on time, and delivers great work. Even when unforeseen circumstances made the project harder than anticipated, he stayed focused and solved everything beyond my expectation. I enjoyed working with Kishan and will use his services in the future."

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