With Reconciliation Sutra, automate reconciliation of two data sets in Google Sheets on few clicks. Effortless, timesaving, accurate accounts reconciliation process. Perfect tool for smart accountants.

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Why Reconciliation Sutra?

Reconciliation Sutra is simple, fast and effective tool for all your reconciliation needs. Accountants can quickly compare general ledger, bank, and other data, investigate discrepancies and take required actions.

It provides all that things which is required in a perfectly automated tool

Need for automation!

Reconciliation is typically carried out by accountants who spend a long time at the end of every accounting period to make sure the records match and are accurate. This manual approach to reconciliation is not only time-consuming but prone to errors

However, there is a way to increase the functionality of reconciliation with the help of automation. The use of automated reconciliation tool provides a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual reconciliations.

Reconciliation Sutra is a google sheets add on that help finance teams maximise their productivity and save time in what would otherwise be a very timely process of account reconciliation. Finance teams can focus on high-level work, while improving accuracy and insights while improving controls


STEP 1: Select data range & prepare Summary Report

Summary is the initial comparison report showing differences between two sets of data based on parameters selected

Prepare Summary report by selecting Reconciliation Sutra> Summary Report.

Select the range of data along with parameters to prepare Summary Report.

STEP 2: Get Reconciliation Output

Based on summary report, you can generate reconciliation output of items which have differences (individual or all) or of all items including matched and with differences.

For Reconciliation Output Select Reconciliation Sutra> Re-generate Summary Report.

Select the reference columns for comparison purpose and run report.

That’s it! You have your reconciliation report ready

STEP 3: Export Output to excel

You can save all your individual outputs in a single click on google drive.

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