Data Visualization

Simplify the way you present your organizational data with Sutra Analytics’ data visualization services.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Sutra Analytics offers data visualization services that go beyond presentation. We believe that data visualization is an integral part of data analytics. It allows the user to track their goal achievement, immediately see trends, easily identify the outliers and compare their performance. We can tailor a visual solution to answer your business questions.

With our data visualization solutions and services, you can interact with data flexibly and effortlessly.

Present Data in a Comprehensible Way

Data is growing at an unprecedented rate, and it is also crucial to present the data in the most comprehensible way. The need to use data visualization is vital because the top-level management and the decision-makers need to monitor the key trends and track KPIs without much effort. It will help them gain some insights on the spreadsheets.
Enjoy the data visualization offered by Sutra Analytics including:

  • Building pixel-perfect reports
  • Interactive dashboards

All of these are custom-built according to your business needs. These solutions are tailored to your requirements and the KPIs that you want to track. It is also fitted with self-service options so that you will not rely much on your IT teams.

Benefits of Using Data Visualization Services

Here are our data visualization services can benefit your organization:

  • Generate reports based on business roles
  • Minimize dependency on spreadsheets
  • Ability to look down at reports from multiple angles
  • Easy interpretation of data
  • Allow users to make sense of large sets of data
  • Gives access to decision-makers to their required information

Data Visualization Services from Sutra Analytics

Sutra Analytics can run health checks on your existing data visualization tools, if you have any, and look at its best practices and room for improvements. We can also develop visualizations from scratch with your business requirements. Among the data visualization solutions we use include:

Google Data Studio
Like most Google tools, Data Studio is completely free and accessible to all. You can unlock the power of your data with the interactive dashboards and engaging reports to inspire you to make better business decisions.

Tableau provides you with the full picture of your business inside and out. This business intelligence tool can help you visually analyze the data. It can connect to files relational and Big Data Sources to get and process the data.

Klipfolio helps you track your most important business metrics and KPIs anywhere you are. It can make your business easily accessible and visible, provides real-time data, sees and understands your data, delivers data via effective visualizations, and it automatically integrates and analyzes data.

Do not deny yourself of the benefits of data visualization, contact our data visualization consulting team to discuss your project.

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