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Sutra Analytics started its business five years ago offering automation services using Google products. These include Microsoft Excel, Data Visualization services, Advanced Data Manipulation & fetching data from third-party sources like API, CRM, and database.

We help our clients with their business needs and unlock productivity and value by providing the tools that would make it possible. Most of them do not realize their potential because they are doing things the old fashioned way. Our productivity tools can make their day to day operations more efficient by automating them with little extra cost.

Our clients are small businesses up to large enterprises with hundreds of employees. To date, we have completed more than 400 projects to over 200 companies. Our wide range of services includes Google products like Calendar, Gmail, Sheet, Docs, among others. We take pride in our friendly service to clients, which is reflective of the reviews we received from them.

We are based in India, but we can remotely serve our clients from anywhere in the world. Sutra Analytics is considered as one of the most trusted business solutions providers today.

Business and life are about people. Throughout my career, I’ve focused my attention on providing the best service I can to clients and providing opportunities for my Team to grow and develop.


– Kishan Panchal (Founder & CEO)


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