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Re-generate Summary Report

  • If you have either accidently or intentionally closed the summary report generated, Reconciliation Sutra provides you with an additional option of “Re-Generate Summary Report” to open it again. This option will be available after you generate Summary Report in Step 1.

  • For Re-generating summary report Select Reconciliation Sutra> Re-generate Summary Report.

  • Once “Re-generate Summary Report” is clicked below window will open.

  • This is the same report which gets generated when you create summary report. You can choose appropriate option whether you want to Reconcile Individual item, All Difference items or All items.

Note:Re-generate Summary Report” option will be available only for 2 hours after generating summary report in Step 1. Keeping this available for more than 2 hours creates performance issue (technical issues beyond our control), hence we have limited this to 2 hours to maintain optimum performance level of our tool.

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